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Knicks 101, Celtics 95: Highlights from a fun and violent victory

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks won! It didn't count, but it was really, really fun! Here are a few particularly fun moments.

The Knicks kept right on pushing the ball and even Arron Afflalo got in on the fun in his own mid-rangey way:

He had a nice couple minutes! Hit his shots, got up pretty high for rebounds.

Langston Galloway shot poorly but had some nice little point guard moments:

Cleanthony Early played some of the best minutes I've ever seen him play in a Knicks uniform. Canned a couple threes and swaaaaaaatted fools:

Carmelo Anthony didn't hit much of anything with the ball, but he hit lots of things with his hands. That's a familiar kind of Melo game, isn't it?


This was weird:

I'm only showing you this O'Quinn flagrant ...

.... so I can show you O'Quinn finding out he got a flagrant:

Derrick's was better:

Joe's got your recap later.