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Here are highlights from Friday's Knicks scrimmages, which did not include Kristaps Porzingis

Running and jumping and shooting shots! Nice up-and-under, Melo! That's what the Knicks did this morning on their penultimate day of training camp. Once again, Kristaps Porzingis did not participate in the 5-on-5 stuff because everyone's still being extra cautious about his knee soreness from Wednesday. (It really, really sounds like this a totally minor injury not worth worrying about and the Knicks are just being overprotective parents of a rookie and Kristaps feels fine and is actually kinda annoyed they're not letting him ball.)

The Knicks have an evening session of non-contact stuff as well -- perhaps as we speak -- and it sounds like Kristaps will be a part of that.

Other things:

Arron Afflalo also sat out today.

The Knicks snatched another dude from OKC:

(Not that one.)

Have a lovely Friday evening.