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SCANDAL! Knicks cover up Robin Lopez's lack of 'Back to the Future' knowledge

This is by far the most controversial moment in the history of sports journalism.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

There have been many dark moments in sports history -- the Black Sox, Tonya Harding, everything FIFA does -- but the date of October 21, 2015 will probably go down as the most disgraceful moment in living memory. As you may have heard, yesterday was Back to the Future Day, and Knicks reporter Jonah Ballow took the opportunity to ask center/nerd Robin Lopez 10 trivia questions:

Lopez acquits himself fairly well, until the fifth question, when he was asked the name of the cafe where Marty met Griff Tannen in Back to the Future, Part II. His answer: "'80s Cafe."



It's "Cafe '80s," son! No big deal, though...nine out of 10 correct Back to the Future questions is a fairly good score. I would have expected better from a Stanford man, but they can't all be Nobel laureates.

What happens next, however, stretches the boundaries of human decency. Ballow and the "judges" give him full credit for his answer. If he had been asked to name the 21st president, would he have been awarded points for saying "Arthur A. Chester?" Lopez did not earn that perfect score.

I hope all the parties involved are satisfied -- they have completely ruined journalism for all time. Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave right now. Did Woodward and Bernstein give Richard Nixon full credit for answering "'80s cafe"? Helllllll no!

Remember this day, friends -- this is the day your innocence died.


This goes even deeper than we thought...