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Knicks will wear '50s alternate throwback jerseys some time this season

When we find out when, we'll find you out.

The Knicks don't change their aesthetics very often. When they do, the differences are subtle. This year the blue paint in the key is a very welcome change that was actually a callback to something they shouldn't have changed in the first place. I would also contend that they never should have changed their 80's logo set. This season, you may have heard about an alternate jersey.

Hey, now! Those are nice! I'm skeptical that the on-court jerseys will have the same cut that's shown in the picture, allthough I think that would be such a great, subtle way to steer the trend. Everyone that's switching things up and having 70 different alternates still seems to be working from the same base of how the jersey should be constructed. The only differences seems to be in the piping and whether to have a U or V neck.

I've long held that the Knicks ought to have cursive across the chest. "Knicks" at home and "New York" on the road. So long as they never add pinstripes, I'd love them to be similar to those New York Metropolitans. I've also believed that it would be an ill advised move because the Los Angeles Clippers already had that market pinned down. But the times they are a-changing, my friend. The Clippers decided to put something on their jersey befitting an anti-diarrhea ad campaign. Or perhaps you have a toilet clog? Call the Laxative Anus Colorectal expert in your neighborhood.

Anyhow, back to the Knicks. Love the fettuccine straps with the fusilli piping. The typography and embroidery are top flight. No wasted motion or extra layers that unsubstantially imply a strong foundation. The checkered blue and orange cling to the vestiges of a crazy town where dreams can be throttled into their dreamy reality or sobering calamity. Either realm a destitute ooze lurking near your trash cans. Following your babies. A rotten please, an ill-timed thank you. The speed of traffic and the rush of weaving through it. The slog and grind of hopping on then off the granite and steel. A wonderful jersey.