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Preseason Game Thread: Knicks at Celtics- 10/22/15

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! The Knicks play their final preseason game tonight, and they'll start the game with what appears to be the lineup you'll see when the regular season tips off next week:

What happens after the opening minutes depends on how Derek Fisher feels about the final exhibition game. With nearly a week of rest ahead, he could use it as a dress rehearsal for a real basketball game. Or, with a bunch of cuts coming up, he could use the game as a final spin for some of the non-guaranteed training camp guys. Probably a bit of both. The Celtics won't have all their guys:

As far as I can tell, no one's out for New York.

Tip-off is at 7:30 This is your game thread. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, Vines, or links to illegal streams here. Check out Celtics Blog! Enjoy the game!