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Robin Lopez lip syncs 'Human Nature' with Jill Martin

Robin really gets into it.

The 2015-16 season is nearly upon us and newly acquired big man Robin Lopez has done absolutely nothing right since arriving in New York. Despite his shiny new contract Robbing Lopez is already posturing to sign with a new team. He's also been caught cheating on tests, neglecting to beat up mascots and actively confusing the team's star player. Lopez just can't get it right. Not to mention he won't show Roger Hinds where on the doll the preseason hurt him. Now for his latest transgression:

Good grief. On top of all the other chicanery-- now this guy skewers us with the blatant disrespect of the Knick history books. This is a storied franchise with a proud fanbase. On behalf of all Knick fans, we are mortified, sir. Cut the crap, Robin. We're fed up with all the hooey!

As we all know, Landry Fields is the original singer of "Human Nature". Rookie of the month in November and December. Captain of the All Rookie first team. He called dibs almost six years ago. Why do you think we call him "Landgrab"? First-year-Knicks have been put on notice since that day. The flag was planted, ya big galoot. It's disconcerting that a seasoned reporter like Jill Martin would be caught dead in this situation. But as we know, Jill has a history of being bullied. So we'll have to assume that Lopez (who probably has some famous friends of his own) pressured poor Jill.

On the heels of a certain HBO interview that I've been advised not to mention, you'd think the Knicks would have undergone some sensitivity training. Lopez didn't even have the guts to put his own voice on the line. It's a damn shame. Here at Posting and Toasting, we'd like to extend our utmost respect, and sincerest apologies to the innovator, Landry Fields.