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Sasha Vujacic named opening night starter, an honor which should go to Langston Galloway

Vujacic WILL start; Galloway SHOULD start.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What's that -- the New York Knicks are playing a basketball game Wednesday night? That's big news! I hope they're going to use their good players more than their not-so-good players, even with Arron Afflalo unlikely to suit up.


Never mind.

We all knew this was coming. I told myself I wouldn't get mad when I saw Sasha Vujacic's name in the starting lineup. He probably won't play heavy minutes, and there is a certain value in keeping rotations (mostly) in place.

Screw that. I'm still pissed.

Langston Galloway has earned this start. And I'm not even talking about strictly basketball-related reasons here -- though if we're being perfectly honest, Galloway should probably start regardless of how many aged Knick guards are available. This kid went above and beyond the call of duty last year, playing 32.4 minutes a night fresh from the D-League, learning the point guard position, taking far more shots than he was comfortable taking, guarding each opponent's top backcourt player with little-to-no help behind him.

Think back to those last few months of the 2014-15 season. How many players other than Galloway made you feel even somewhat good about watching the Knicks? He may have been an undrafted rookie, but he was their rock. And for that he deserves the recognition of an Opening Night start.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Galloway will probably be the first guard off the bench, and Derek Fisher will give him his customary 30 minutes of playing time. On any other night this wouldn't really bother me, but Langstar has done enough to earn that spot on the court alongside Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon for the opening tip.

Here's hoping the Knicks rectify this mistake for the home opener.