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Knicks 122, Bucks 97: Scenes from the Knicks' dizzyingly dominant season opener

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Man. I don't really know what to do. I feel dizzy? Things didn't start well, but the Knicks' second unit put a jolt into the team that never relented. They kept forcing turnovers, kept pushing off misses, and got every big bucket they needed when the Bucks threatened in the third quarter. (That was mostly Langston Galloway.)

Milwaukee was in terrible shape all-around, but a less vigorous, less coherent Knicks team could have easily played a game with them. These Knicks did not play a game with their short-handed opponents. They steamrolled them flat on their own home court. Pretty neat. Jon's got a recap for you later, but here are a few lights along the path:

The game started as FARTDOGily as expected, with either Bucks guards getting to the rim or Bucks bigs getting open because Robin Lopez had to help plug leaks. Here's Jose Calderon getting torched backdoor (notice Robin freaking out):

Then Derrick Williams came in the game and just looked like he was stomping a bunch of third-graders for 10 minutes. It was nuts. He got everything he wanted in transition.

If he didn't score, he got his own rebound or got to the line. I have no idea about anything, man.

Kristaps Porzingis has an understandably shaky opening stint, but settled a bit later on and made some really nice little plays, including exploiting several of the frequent size mismatches he faced:

That's Kristaps's first of 7 million buckets as a Knick. Here's one later on, again against a smaller player, and taken in rhythm early in the possession:

He also took 12 free throws!?

Every Knicks fan on Earth, even the dead ones, felt a familiar pang of nausea when the Bucks nipped at New York's lead in the third quarter. Langston Galloway Pepto'd all that garbage with a couple huuuuge threes late in the third, each set up by Jerian Grant:

And then the Knicks just kept right on winning, man. After almost 7 months without basketball, I am so overwhelmed. Need to go take a shower and cry a little. Welcome back, everyone.