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Hawks 112, Knicks 101: Scenes from the Knicks' defenseless home opener

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Knicks lost pretty badly in their home opener. As expected, and as might become a trend, the New York starters gave slashing Hawks free space to create on the move and shooting Hawks free space to ... ya know, do that. The Knicks' livelier bench, as might become a trend kept hope somewhat afloat, but they and everyone else couldn't get enough buckets to counter the (self-inflicted?) damage happening on the other end. A few Vines of note:

Robin Lopez is a good defender. Robin Lopez is not a good defender if you make him defend the point guard and the center.

Jose Calderon really, really insists, though. He'll let you guard his guy. You don't even have to ask. He's gracious like that.

The New York bench made pretty significant runs early in the second and late in the third. Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway remain quite a duo. They've both made mistakes, but Grant's passing (so far) and Galloway's shooting (so far) get some shit done:

On a semi-related note, Grant should probably have taken more free throws, you guys:

And for a little more silver lining, Kristaps Porzingis showed some more things. For a guy who has so many things left to learn, he's got quite a repertoire of things already. You already saw the spinning dunk a few times, but here's a play we've seem Kristaps make a few times already:

Lovely touch.

But yeah, New York lost. They're gonna do that sometimes, and perhaps most times. I reckon they could have lost not-as-hard with more time allotted to more lineups featuring more defense. More notes coming later!