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Arron Afflalo officially out, starting lineup not set for Wednesday's preseason opener

Will Porzingis start?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

With presumed starting shooting guard Arron Afflalo nursing a sore hamstring, the Knicks' starting lineup is still in flux one day before their preseason opener against Brazilian club Bauru:

The Knicks just so happen to have a pair of highly-touted rookies who could fill the two spots remaining spots in the lineup. Could Kristaps Porzingis and/or Jerian Grant be in line for a starting role?

Zingis Khan may not have nailed down a starting stop as of yet, but he's still looking forward to his reception from the MSG crowd:

In the end, naming preseason starters shouldn't be too high on Fisher's priority list. This, however, should be...

Awesome! Let's not finish dead last in anything this season!