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Matt Barnes reportedly attacked Derek Fisher over the weekend

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

There have been rumors around the yuckiest corners of the internet for a little while now that Derek Fisher was in a relationship with Matt Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan. That is their business as consenting adults and we do not care, but this story (which has also been going around a bit but is now apparently news) directly relates to why, supposedly, Fisher missed Knicks practice on Monday. Via Page 6:

Knicks coach Derek Fisher ​is involved in a romantic relationship with the estranged wife of his former teammate Matt Barnes — and when Barnes found out over the weekend, he allegedly attacked Fisher, sources tell Page Six.

Sources said Fisher was at the LA home of Gloria Govan — Barnes' estranged wife​,​ who stars on "Basketball Wives LA" — on Saturday. Fisher and Govan have been dating for "a few months," a source said, after Fisher filed to divorce his wife of 10 years, Candace, in March.

But when Barnes learned that Fisher was at his former home with Gloria, he drove 95 miles to LA to "beat the s-t" out of Fisher, sources said.

"Derek was in Gloria's backyard with about 10 people having a bonfire on ​​Saturday," said a source. "Derek's separated from his wife and there's a relationship with [Gloria.]"

Woj confirms:

Here's his full story.

Well then! Fish is reportedly okay (and was back at practice Tuesday, looking okay) and uh ... well, that's all pretty nuts. Matt Barnes seems like a fun guy!