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Bauru Basket and the Knicks: birth of a blood feud

Eternal enemies New York and Brazil face off on the hardwood.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

While the rest of the basketball world obsesses over the Fisher-Barnes incident, the New York Knicks still have a basketball game to play, dagnabbit!

And just like Matt Barnes with James Harden's mother, the head coach Wednesday night's opponent, Jorge Guerra, isn't afraid to talk a little trash:

"We definitely can match the Knicks. It's a great challenge and they're [a] more physical team, but we have an experienced team and our style of play is more aggressive in offense than European teams. We play more creative than Europe.''

Bauru Basket is indeed one of the finest clubs in the world. They have an American shooting guard named Robert Day who was the subject of his very own New York Times profile. Apparently the dude overcame a great deal of adversity to make it in professional basketball...something about leaving the game and taking a job selling windows to support his family.

You call that adversity? The Knicks have not one, but two guards (Jose Calderon and Langston Galloway) who needed to overcome playing for the 2014-15 Knicks!

The Knicks can no longer afford to let these big-time Brazilian clubs push them around. It's time to take back the Garden! A win tonight and who knows -- maybe they'll figure out a way to start beating NBA teams!