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Knicks 100, Bauru 81: Highlights from a Brazilian waxing

Knicks are winners!

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks played today. They won today. You're welcome. The 'Bockers kicked off MSG's Blue Paint Era (The Sequel!) with a nice, clean 100-81 victory over Brazilian club Bauru Basket.

To the highlights!

- Cleanthony Early wasn't expected to play tonight after getting his wisdom teeth pulled. The kid needs to impress the coaching staff, though, if he wants a spot on this team. Hitting more half-court buzzer beaters like this would certainly help.

- Kyle O'Quinn did a little bit of everything in this game -- scoring, rebounding, block shots -- but we must not ignore his elite bench celebration. Massive bearded dudes skipping is my jam.

- The whole hep basketball world was looking forward to watching Latvian Chocolate, Kristaps Porzingis, make his MSG debut. It was a mixed bag, but he did show some panache on his first NBA block.

Can Krispy shoot the 3? You tell me...

- By the way, the Knicks have another rookie. Jerian Grant can do things we haven't seen a Knicks do in several years...things like dribbling a basketball and making a layup. Hell, I'd go a step or two farther and say he's better than many NBA fellows at dribbling and making layups.

Seth will have the recap later. Knicks are unstoppable, and now the world knows it.