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Knicks 115, Wizards 104: Highlights from the Melo and Derrick Williams!? show

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Knicks won! Facing their first non-Brazilian opponent in exhibition play, New York matched the Wizards' fast pace, got buckets in transition, got to the line a bunch, and rode the hot hands of Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Williams!? to double-digit victory

Small steps forward for Kristaps Porzingis. He showed his weakness and his nerves at times, fumbling some plays around the basket, but he also GOT BUCKETS, even off the bounce:

I made a sex sound. Kristaps also got lost a bit on defense, but showed again why that just doesn't matter sometimes:

Jerian Grant's shot isn't gonna do him any favors any time soon, but the kid's head is *always* up:

Has Carmelo Anthony missed a shot in preseason? You can't prove that he has.

He's looked really fluid, and really relaxed. Passing the ball, too.

I knew I was gonna love Kyle O'Quinn. I love passing big men. Indeed, I love Kyle O'Quinn.

He had another double-double tonight, finding his jumper late after a rough start. Dude might be a triple-double threat with enough minutes. I so enjoy watching him survey the floor from the high post.

And uhhhh ... Derrick Williams!? went off. Thanks to 9 free throws, Williams had 23 points on just 11 shots. He looked terribly messy trying to create, but in quick-hit plays -- immediate first-steps, catch-and-pulls, and cuts to the rim, he was pretty much perfect:

Might come at you later with a few more notes ... might just leave it at this. Good job, Knicks! I had fun.