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One minute in the life of Langston Galloway

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Langston Galloway played very well against the Wizards. Between the defense, the big shots, the useful passing, and the overall sense of space and timing, there was more Lang Excellence than I could encompass without just posting a video of the whole game and breaking the law. I considered it. I'd do time for Langston Galloway. In the end, I picked out a minute of game action late in the third quarter that I think represents the effect Galloway had on Saturday's win.

2:26, third quarter: Galloway grabs a rebound, dribbles coast-to-coast, and slices through three Wizards to hit a tough runner and one:

Galloway wasn't always great around the rim last season, but add a bit of muscle and some ball-handling practice and you get drives like that one.

~Intermission in which Gary Neal hits a pull-up jumper, but only because Galloway got picked by a moving screen.~

1:39, third quarter: Galloway hounds Neal to delay a dribble hand-off, then catches up to him over a screen to swat his jump shot out of bounds:

Galloway is perhaps *the* guard on the Knicks who can and will do something like that at this point.

1:35, third quarter: Galloway chases Neal curling over one screen, then another screen, sticking so close to him that Neal tries to create separation with his elbow and commits an offensive foul:

Gary mad.

1:25, third quarter: Galloway calls for a screen, drives around it, then leaps for a runner and knees Nene in his stupid sternum as he shuffles over a beat late trying to draw a charge. Blocking foul.

One minute, 4 points, 1 block, 1 turnover forced, several screens busted, and this is only a sampling chosen for convenience. Langston Galloway had a good game almost the whole way through. Langston Galloway is good.