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Carmelo Anthony nursing a stiff neck; Arron Afflalo may play Wednesday

Bad news! And good news!

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Knicks take on the division-leading Toronto Raptors north of the border, we have a few pieces of injury news  -- some of it good, some of it bad.

Since I believe in getting the bad news out of the way ... Carmelo Anthony is dealing with a stiff neck.

While I have no idea how exactly Melo wound up with a stinger, I can say with 110-percent certainty that Roy Hibbert was involved. That dude is golem created for the sole purpose of screwing with the Knicks ... only slightly less mobile than the traditional Eastern European golem:

In better news, Arron Afflalo might finally be ready to kick off his regular season on Wednesday, when the Knicks travel to Charlotte:

Some extra guard depth would certainly be appreciated, especially on a road SEGABABA. Just please don't come back if that hamstring is less than 100%, Arron!