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The last 2 minutes of the Knicks' weird-ass win over the Raptors, annotated

The Knicks just won a very strange game in Toronto. They led big, they appeared to surrender back-breaking runs, they rallied, they took over, they lagged again, then down the stretch ... this:

1. Lopez got his hand on an offensive rebound and set it like a volleyball toward the rim, and it fell in somehow.

2. Wait, why is Lance Thomas even still in the game with Kristaps on the benc-- wait holy shit, this basket came off a borderline Dream Shake.

3. DeRozan just threw the ball off Jonas Valanciunas's leg for no reason.

4. Valanciunas scored on a put-back here, but ESPN's too confused by that game to figure that out.

5. Kristaps is in! Is this an offense/defense sub with Lance Thomas or is he just here to rebound just in case James Johnson misses the free th--


6. Yeah, yup, he was just there to rebound free throws. LANCE BACK.

7. Carmelo Anthony plainly traveled and stepped out of bounds when the Raptors trapped him in the corner, but he tossed the ball to Lance before the refs could catch him.

8. They call him Lance Ice for a reason.

9. Kristaps back for the rebound in case of a missed free throw!

10. Missed free throw! Rebound! ... Kristaps dropped it out of bounds.

11. Fisher leaves Porzingis in the game this time, then sees the Raptors going kinda small and pulls him at the last second to put Thomas on DeRozan.

12. DeRozan loses Thomas over a pick, draws help from Kyle O'Quinn, then gets an up and under lay-up to go haaaalfway down before it rolls out. Lance recovers to grab a huge rebound.

13. Lance. Ice.

14. Uh.

15. If you miss the first free throw up 2 with 1 second left, just miss the second and let the fight for the rebound burn that last second ... or not.

16. [hyperventilating]

17. Thank god.