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Hornets 95, Knicks 93: Cody Zeller beats the Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis juuuust fails to beat the buzzer

Wellllll, my tummy hurts. The Knicks played a pretty bad game against the Hornets, and had a pretty bad final minute. Carmelo Anthony took a miserably isolated shot on a miserably uncreative play call with the game tied and under a minute to go, then the Hornets got to inbound under the basket after a tip-out and found Cody Zeller open when Robin Lopez helped a bit too far:

And then Kristaps Porzingis, inserted for this very purpose, popped to the top of the key and buried a game-winning three-pointer that was RULED good and looked too close to call, but got overturned by those bastards in Secaucus:

(Thanks for the Vines, Zach. Follow Zach.)

That bucket woulda been suuuuuch a nice way to steal a win, but make no mistake, it would have been theft. The Knicks didn't get to the line at all (not totally their fault!), shot miserably from downtown, got a couple empty bench stints, and just continually got tough beats in important moments, like Jeremy Lin finishing a brilliant night with this absolute trash bucket:

Lin was awesome and totally slashed apart New York's defense, but MAN that is annoying.

Anyway: Bad game, coulda won, didn't. Life goes on. Recap later.