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Cavaliers 90, Knicks 84: Scenes from another vexing close loss to a good team

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Man, man, man. The Knicks keep doing surprisingly okay in these games against superior teams, but just once I'd love for them to actually finish the job. I guess it's early yet, but it sure feels like the Knicks could be .500 right now if they held leads, got a few more breaks, and made better decisions down the stretch. Someday. Let's look at some things:

Carmelo Anthony was so hot in the first half. He had 22 points. He didn't even have to look at the basket:

Moved the ball really nicely, too:

And some two-way majesty:

But mostly buckets:

Melo followed that huge first half with almost nothing in the second -- some gritty plays, but mostly silence and very little of that great passing.

The offense reverted to a lot of this:

And just some obnoxious little things that always seem to happen in these games.

Here's Lance Thomas blowing a 5-on-4 after Richard Jefferson fell down, Derrick Williams whiffing on the tip ... and the whole thing leading directly to a LeBron James and-one:

Here's Melo missing a three after a big momentum-building defensive play, following by a Kristaps Porzingis rushed shot/no-call ... that led directly to a LeBron James and-one:

Those are massive swings in a close game. That, some stagnant offense, and some truly tough buckets by LeBron and Mo Williams in the final minute blew the Knicks a game they could have won. Just 12 points in that fourth quarter. Blegh. A moral victory, I guess, but I'm already tired of those! I crave victory!