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Death by Jeremy: Will the Knicks defend Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb?

Please do defend, Knicks, as I would like you to win this time.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks will once again take on the Charlotte Hornets Tuesday evening. They failed in their second matchups with the Cavaliers and Bucks, so it would certainly be nice to pick up a win against a team they've already faced.

If they want to avenge their Nov. 11 defeat in Charlotte, the Knicks will have to do a better job of stopping reserve guards Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb, who combined for 31 points. (Note to Knicks defenders: I just lumped those guys together for the sake of brevity ... you still have to defend both guys named Jeremy.)

Charlotte did a tremendous job of bringing some true old-school FARTDOG out of the Knicks by sending one or more Jeremies to the rim using a series of off-ball cuts and dribble hand-offs. (Focus on the lob in the third clip -- the pass was off, but Lamb was wide open for the alley-oop).

The Knicks committed a cavalcade of errors on these plays: guards losing track of their guys, bigs coming over late with halfhearted help. I know Charlotte has bigs who can step out and shoot, but that doesn't mean they should just ignore the little guys waltzing to the bucket again and again and again.

Hopefully the Knicks can solve this problem by paying a bit more attention -- watching out for back screens, rotating to help more quickly, etc. If they're going to get beat, I would prefer it not be by anyone named Jeremy.