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All 5 players the Knicks cut are now in Westchester

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! The roster for the Westchester Knicks is here. It includes some draft picks (Jimmer!), some guys they tried out, some returning players, and some -- in fact, ALL -- of the players who went to camp with the Big Knicks but didn't make the team.

Yeah! I didn't realize it, but the W-Knicks snagged Summers in an expansion draft last season, so the Big Knicks could use all 4 of their allotted rights transfers on other players.

And to be clear: the Big Knicks have no more control on any of these players after sending their rights to Westchester (and besides keeping closer tabs on them and influencing how they are coached, etc). If another NBA team likes Darion Atkins' D-League performance, they are free to call him up. The Knicks do have an open roster spot in hand, so it'd be easy enough for them to make that claim themselves if they're worried about that happening.

The W-Knicks should be fun this year! And maybe not so terrible!