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The Kristaps Porzingis name generator is awesome!

Go get a Kristaps name!

Stingy D

As one of the last few survivors on Flamingo Island, it is with great trepidation I embark on a strange journey to the bizarre futurist territory I've decided to call Flamboyance Gulch. Fished out of the whirlpool of Posting & Toasting's comment section, we've come across a strange slot machine that dispenses all varieties of galumphing Kristaps-names. That's right, if you need a name for Kristaps Porzingis, just one click will generate one for you on the spot!

Can't read? We've got your "Tingis Pingis" right here. Hungry? Try the "Chicken Zinga". Really a wonderful job by P&T'ers Ruka35 and fomalhaut. Big up your chests!

For the vault:

Wrist wraps Poor fingers

Mishaps Pour wine glass

Kiss laps Porch flingis

Snick snacks Pork wing dip