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Pod Strickland #6: Getting weird with the 2015 NBA Draft

Stingy and MattRW talk about the Knicks and how that's finally a feel good thing.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In today's episode I yak it up with Matt RW, Posting and Toasting's resident capologist. The two of us dolts talk about how everyone sees a half dozen good games from the Flamingo and all they want to do is trade his ass. So we re-do the draft and pull off a bunch of total nonsense that somehow favors the Knicks a little less. I guess next week we should show you on the podcast where James Dolan touched us.

Matt doesn't tweet much, but with regard to this episode, please enjoy this very topical tweet of his:

Pretty cray-zay, royt?

Anyway, thanks for sneering and listeneering. We'll keep cramming these qualitatively atrocious beads of sizzling diarrhea all over your ear bowls every Sunday and eventually we'll wipe your drums clean every Thursday. If there's something you need us to talk about, please get in touch. There's a few ways to do it. Ask your question down below in the comments section. Tweet to me:

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