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Kristaps Porzingis (and Knicks guards) can learn from the pick-and-pop master, Chris Bosh

Bosh is the best pick-and-pop player in the league. Kristaps must learn in order to surpass him.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In case the rest of the NBA hadn't noticed, Kristaps Porzingis seems to have found his shooting stroke over the past few games. Saturday's victory over the Rockets was the most recent reminder of what we've all known since we first saw scouting videos: kid has unlimited range.

What better time, then, to allow Kristaps an up-close look at a big man who has mastered the art that can catapult the young Latvian into the stratosphere: the pick-and-pop. Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh once again leads the league in points scored out of the good ole' P-n-P:

Bosh has been a pick-and-pop demon for years now. Last season a gentleman by the name of Wes Goldberg composed a playlist of some Miami pick-and-pop possessions -- there are seven videos in here, and three of them feature the Knicks, but I'll only show one here:

That ability to pop out and hit consistently from any distance, combined with ability to roll to the rim effectively, makes Bosh perhaps the most dangerous roll man in the NBA -- 3rd in the NBA in total pick-and-roll possessions, 2nd in efficiency (minimum 20 attempts). Guess who else ranks in the top five (per

Kristaps isn't rolling to the rim very often ... and he doesn't necessarily have to. That's how dangerous he is as a jump shooter. He can also school closing defenders with a pump-fake, like so:

Kristaps is goooood, yo. It should come as little surprise that this fine pick-and-pop example came during a relatively chaotic possession following an offensive rebound (from Kristaps himself, of course). The trick to getting Kristaps more pick-and-pop touches doesn't depend so much on Kristaps, who loves to come out to the perimeter and set screens, as much as the point guards, who often hesitate to kick it back to him.

Here's the thing, Knicks guards ... Kristaps is 11 feet tall, with arms that stretch twice the width of an NBA court. Throw that ball back to him. He'll catch it. Bad things aren't going to happen. Statistically speaking, it's very likely that something good will happen.

So let's all take some time this afternoon and watch video of the Miami Heat operating, Knicks. Watch the guards seek out Chris Bosh. Watch Chris Bosh effortlessly can jumper after jumper. Learn from this. And then, by all means, stop it from happening this evening.