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Phil Jackson attends practice, gives advice to Kristaps Porzingis

I mean, of course he does. But it's nice to see.

Elsa/Getty Images

There has been an odd, fairly boring subplot to this 2015-16 campaign. It started at Media Day when team president Phil Jackson was all like, "I'm totally gonna talk to Derek Fisher more this season." Later, reporters asked Fisher and he was all, "Dude hasn't talked to me much," and folks were like, "Why isn't this dude talking?"

Well good news, folks -- not only did Jackson show up to practice on Sunday, he spoke some words! Namely, he spoke them to the most important Knick in the universe, Kristaps Porzingis:

Such communication!

Porzingis later went on the record regarding Phil's involvement, per ESPN:

"We see him around all the time," Porzingis said.

The rookie added that Jackson "lets Coach [Derek] Fisher do all the work, but then he comes up to guys and tells little details about the offense, something maybe that all the other coaches didn't see. Phil's always there and he sees other things, and he's very helpful for me. He's always telling me little details and helping me with the game."

Here's one example of the advice Jackson's offered Porzingis.

"He was telling me just about the triangle, how to do certain things a little better, just little details (about) where to be all the time."

So to recap, Phil Jackson still meets regularly with the Knicks, still passes on his legendary Zen basketball wisdom, but leaves the responsibility of coaching the Knicks to Derek Fisher, the coach of the Knicks.

Personally, if I were Jackson, I'd be tweeting every damn game: "I drafted that kid! Y'all didn't want me to, but I did, cuz I'm awesome. #goink"