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Cleanthony Early has been assigned to the Westchester Knicks

D-League-ony Early!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Many Knicks fans were hoping for a bit more playing time for Cleanthony Early coming after witnessing his strong performance in the preseason. Well the kid might finally get his chance ... just not in New York (city).

Yep, the front office has finally assigned the sophomore forward to their D-League franchise in Westchester:

About damn time! Early has played 24 total minutes this season, and has mostly been on the inactive list since the return of Arron Afflalo. The Knicks might only send Early down for a game or two, like they did last season, but he needs all the playing time he can get. I wouldn't mind keeping him down their for a few weeks to see how he performs. The Dub-Knicks are 5-0, so maybe he can learn from a winning culture!

So get ready, folks ... Early and Jimmer Fredette will both debut for the Westchester Knicks Monday evening! You don't want none of this hot fire, Grand Rapids!