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Cavaliers 96, Knicks 86: "This game was an exercise in torture."

An early lead, and slow onset loss: classic New York Knicks basketball.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks jumped out to a big advantage right away in this one, but the Cavs just ground the lead down until it was even. Once the fourth quarter rolled around, Cleveland steamed a pile of bungling offense on New York's heads and it was time to hit the showers. This one hurt pretty bad -- so bad in fact that, like Hardwood Classic noted in the game thread, it was torturous and inhumane.

- Cleveland must have wanted to shave the sideburns off their pirate-pajamas style jerseys, as evidenced by Lebron James ripping his open at the armpit seam. Since the Cavs won, I sincerely hope he gets fined for altering his attire. I say 18 grand, l'chaim.

- Is fashion the only thing worth caring about tonight? Because Iman Shumpert's bun made his entire face and head look like a tiny black sheep taking a sip of water from the pond of his chin. Mmbaaaa!

- Kevin Love's on court fashion statement is 1,111.11% beer league sweat hog. Sources say he's gonna start a book series for chocolate milk. Chocolate Milk for the Soulcycle Gentleman. Chocolate Milk for the Stubby Beer Bottle Enthusiast. Chocolate Milk for the Lazy Defender who got his head concaved.

- Despite foul trouble, Kristaps Porzingis kept his solid play going with 13 points, 2 steals and 2 blocks and a few rebounds in limited minutes. He was obviously not intimidated by playing against Love and matched him shot for shot at one point in the first. It felt like a definite screw you pull up.

- Langston Galloway looks so much more confident off the bounce this season. It's so refreshing to see him continue to progress. Two times he attacked an aggressive closeout and got to the rim, once scoring on a floater, and another time getting to the stripe. Langston is also doing a spectacular job moving those tootsies to take a good beat getting over screens.

- Sasha Vujacic runs and looks like he is going to slip in mud constantly. At least he scatters around like a wild thing. There's something useful there. Check out this phantom cam footage.

- Jose Calderon's first defensive effort of the season was a botched attempt to draw a charge 70 feet from the basket in transition. Calderon doesn't deserve NBA minutes right now. Simple and plain.

- Zero fast break points for New York, while Cleveland notched 24. That's two consecutive games with no fast break points.

- Carmelo Anthony got to the line on the first possession of the game and it seemed like he was poised for a big night after a pretty pick and roll with Porzingis. But he sputtered and coughed his way out of the game. Nine first half rebounds was cool but 17 points on 18 shots in 36 minutes is horrendous. Go lay down Melo.

- Jerian Grant has been struggling to get the game to come his way and that jump shot may have something to do with it. Defenders aren't worried enough to close out on him, and it's easy to see why. His form wobbles through the air like a fuzzy moth, beige and rust. He'll have to slather some grease on the gears and tighten the head set on the frame.

Thankfully Grant stays active attacking the rim, getting to the line and hounding his man on defense. He still struggles mightily with a lot of stationary over-dribbling, a la Shane Larkin. But there is plenty of season left here. Made all six of his free throws, but missed all five of his field goals.

- Matthew Dellavedova throws lobs constantly. It's on MY scouting report. Why did this flummox the Knicks?

- I'm not a big fan of the Lopez-Anthony-Thomas-Calderon-Galloway 5-man unit. Would prefer to never see it again. In fact, every 5-man unit with Calderon in it is worthless. Calderon fucking stinks. I wish someone would figure out a way to tell that to Derek Fisher.