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P&T for your ears: Pod Strickland, episode 3!

Knicks talk for Knick fans that aren't babies.

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Hey, folks. Episode three of Pod Strickland is up and ready for your listening pleasures. This one is good and fun. Me and Chiniqua discuss only the very most important topics of the day -- subjects such as why do the Cavaliers have snakes on their lips? What exactly is the deal with Jose Calderon? There's an intermission. You'll hear my dog, Gladys. We provide you with our nickname-starting-fives. And we shed some light on the legacy of Joakim Noah's father.

Listen, friend. There are so many ways to check it out or get in touch. Let's count a few of them:

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There's one additional way that I haven't hyped up with a link, and that's by email:

This episode I forgot to ask the listener questions! But guess what, I'll be recording an episode with P&T's own Osborn in time for the start of the coming work week, and I promise to ask them then! You are heretofore officially encouraged to continue submitting questions.

A nice little rating on iTunes will help us out a great deal and if you say something nice, we'll give you a shoutout on air. Check the archives as well. Hang out with us on your train ride, or bus ride, or car ride or what have you.