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Robin Lopez played 1 minute and 20 seconds of basketball without a sneaker

Here is stretch of just over a minute of Knicks-Lakers basketball.


It's not that noteworthy -- Metta World Peace and Carmelo Anthony traded threes to make it an evenly matched portion of the game -- except for one thing: Robin Lopez was wearing one shoe the whole time. I have seen lots of players lose sneakers (Langston Galloway hit a shot without one last season!), but I have never seen a player go so long without one.

Lopez lost his left sneaker and tossed it aside while defending Roy Hibbert, moments before that Metta three:

It remained off for 6 more possessions, including this Melo bucket (not a bad boxout!):

And this sock-footed rebound in which Robin warded off two Lakers to grab the board and reach a double-double:

At long last -- about 1:20 later -- the Knicks gave a foul to break up a fast break, and someone tossed Robin his shoe back:

Robin Lopez is great, and if this was somehow guerrilla marketing for Stance socks and Hoops For Troops, then well done, Robin. That's the longest shoeless stint I've ever seen.