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Pod Strickland #4, featuring Charlie Osborn

Stingy and Charlie talk basketball stuffs.

Plod Stinkhorn
Plod Stinkhorn
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Hey team, new entry for you on this fine Monday. Thanks to all who are listening and a special thanks to the crew submitting questions. Keep asking, and they'll keep getting answered. We think you're real neat, and we're so happy to be able to share with you! Today's featured guest is our own, Charlie Osborn!

Very excited for this episode. Charlie and I have talked plenty of basketball over the years, but usually we hoard it for ourselves. This time we release it onto your own personal melons. Take a listen. If ya think we're not such bad guys, give a rating and review on iTunes. You can find us all over the inter-maps, so check out Stitcher, Facebooks, the sound of clouds and the what have yous.

Of course keep it tuned right here to Posting and Toasting. New pods should continue to come out on Monday and Thursday mornings. Next week's special guest is Matt Miranda!