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Highlights from the dumbass Knicks out-dumbassing the dumbass Kings


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


The dumbass New York Knicks, staged a comeback against the dumbass Sacramento Kings, only to prove themselves the dumbest of the dumbasses on their final possession. Kings 99, Knicks 97. Carmelo Anthony was simultaneously good (14 rebounds and some great passing) and terrible (field-goal shooting, free-throw shooting, whatever the hell that last possession was). Sure, Melo was probably fouled. Don't care. The entire final play was dookie, and dookie should not beget more dookie. The Knicks deserved to lose.

Here are some things that happened. Bad passes? Hell yes.

Kristaps Porzingis/Kosta Koufos beefs? Why not!

Robin Lopez getting trucked by DeMarcus Cousins? Naturally.

A magnificent Boogie/Krispy fourth-quarter dance of death? You bet your ass.

Osborn will have the recap later. Go to bed, my friends. Dream of Kristaps with better teammates.