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Kyle O'Quinn is good at yelling

Lets check in on O'Quinn bellowing from the block.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle O'Quinn's happy-to-be-scary demeanor is part of a complete basketball breakfast New Yorkers are excited to get up for. His jarring screens and rigid shoves are merely an echo down into the Canyon of Heroes. O'Quinn's bellicose and urgent hollering has alternately prodded the absentminded Knick to stay involved or the active Knick to increase their engagement. Of course, you can always count on him for some fantastically loud body language between yodels.

Let's look at Ky-Yell call out the action in the Knicks' win against Portland.

Right at the top, he snuffs out a "FLARE" screen with Arron Afflalo. Then he asks his buddy to "SHOOT THE GAP" and maybe they can get a steal in the passing lane. Lastly, the philosophy to "PUSH" has them sending the pick and roll to the midpoint, and everyone knows that nothing's happening there. As the play develops (and suddenly it's taking quite a long time) the Trail Blazers have run out of options and Carmelo Anthony swipes the ball away.

For Kyle's own account of what all the fuss is about and more, check out this excellent video from the excelsior Jonah Ballow and crew.