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Knicks 107, Wolves 102: Scenes from a game won entirely in the second quarter

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it's a good thing the Knicks had such a great second quarter, and an equally good thing they're so great at hitting free throws!

New York entered halftime up HUGE on the Minnesota Timberwolves because of one of the most deliriously wonderful quarters in a while. As one might expect, the Wolves chipped and chipped away. Some big Knicks buckets and a few untimely (for them) Minnesota misses kept them from taking over, and New York kept them at arm's length late by hitting their forced free throws.

Carmelo Anthony played a really wonderful game, just one assist away from a triple-double until a bit of isolation in the final minutes. Kristaps Porzingis got heavily outscored by Karl-Anthony Towns, but swallowed up roughly 110% of Minnesota shots in the first half with his six blocks. Arron Afflalo scored so much in the first half. Lance Thomas made some huge plays in the second half. This is supposed to be Vines. Let's look at some Vines.

Here's the Kristaps block party. It is deeply arousing.

And here's the other big theme -- Melo passing wonderfully in various formats:

As a team, really, the Knicks were more pass-happy than usual. Some spurts of over-passing worked out in the first half ...

... and worked a bit less in the second half, but they survived.

The second half didn't offer much great basketball, but it gave us some highlights!



Coulda been cleaner and easier, but I'll take that win.