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Scenes from a breezy Knicks blowout in Philly

Wins against the Sixers still count.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like competitive, dramatic basketball? Neither do I! When it comes to the New York Knicks, I'd much rather watch the orange and blue slap around some poor chumps from the opening tip, build a huge lead and never look bad.

Thank God for the 76ers.

The Knicks got pretty much whatever they wanted against the Philadelphia Pagliaccis. (...because they're sad and they're clowns, get it? Whatever. Y'all ain't got no culture!) The starters looked fairly sleepy at the outset, but they still took a quick lead, and the bench put this one to bed early. Final score: Knicks 107, Sixers 97

Kristaps Porzingis again couldn't get his shot to fall, so he again took it out on opposing shooters.

Hey, Jerian Grant made an appearance! He even made a nifty, point guard-like drive-and-dish to Derrick Williams in the corner.

Not that the Knicks needed much help, but they got some from the basketball gods.

But hey, the Sixers weren't entirely without highlights of their own.

Poor Mike D'Antoni.

Stingy will have the recap later. If the Knicks desire not to lose any more games for the rest of 2015, I certainly won't stand in their way.