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Why Charles Oakley should participate in Saturday's Democratic Party debate

Oakley for America!

The Democratic Party is in chaos. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was all set to sue the National Committee after they blocked him from the committee's voter database. Hillary Clinton's people are angry at Sanders' people for viewing confidential information during an online security snafu. The Republicans garner huge ratings with their debates, while the Democratic debate flounders on a Saturday night.

This party needs a strong voice in their debates in order to project the image of strength that the people of this country are longing to see. Who is the first person to come to mind when you hear the word "strength"?

Damn right: Saturday night's debate needs Charles Oakley.

(Photoshop courtesy of Norman Hathaway)

No man embodies the principles of the Democratic Party better than Oak Tree. Judging by his Twitter page, the man is a true social progressive:

He has publicly expressed support for an openly gay referee and a woman winning a Sportsman of the Year award over a horse. That certainly won't win him any supporters among evangelicals.

You know those photo ops where the candidate tries to look all outdoorsy and salt-of-the-earth? Oak's got that covered.

He knows enough to trash northeastern elites in order to win the heartland vote:

And he never misses a chance to trash Millennials as soft-ass crybabies -- always critical in winning over the Baby Boomers.

If the Democrats are truly serious about winning this election, they must give Oakley a chance to speak for them. Republicans love to call out the Dems for being "soft" -- soft on ISIS, soft on crime, soft on bombing Agrabah. I doubt anyone in the G.O.P. -- or anyone on the planet, for that matter -- has the cojones to call Charles Oakley "soft" to his face. Should Donald Trump actually win the nomination, and work up the courage to say such things in a debate setting, let's just say I wouldn't be against the idea of Oak ripping off his hairpiece and shoving it down his throat on national TV.

Realistically, Oakley isn't going to be nominated to run for president of a major political party. But the man has earned to be heard. Perhaps he could win a VP nod, or maybe even Secretary of State. Who else would you want representing America's interests?

Let Charles Oakley debate; let's make America great!