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Arron Afflalo: Mouse Hunter

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This season, Arron Afflalo has posted up on 15.5% of his possessions and scored an average of 1.26 points per post-up possession, hitting 65.6% of those shots. Those are high numbers, via Afflalo's production has vacillated in other areas, but he's consistently been a beast with good position and his back to the basket.

My favorite thing about Afflalo's post-up habit is his relentless preying on smaller, mismatched guards. Afflalo does not squander a mouse in his house -- he demands the ball, refuses to pass, and plows his way into a close turnaround jumper that drops more often than it doesn't. He takes clear joy in such merciless bullying, as evidenced by his repeated attacks on poor little Isaiah Canaan Friday night. Here's a tribute to all the victims too short to handle Afflalo:

I particularly appreciate Afflalo's variety of moves, and the benefits of his idiosyncratic stroke. He can spin right or left into a face-up, and the way he juts his elbow and hangs for a second makes him an easy target for fouls. Keep it up, Arron.