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Knicks 99, 76ers 87: Scenes from a much-appreciated easy win

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks really had to stomp the Sixers. The Knicks stomped the Sixers. They didn't play *well*, but they played actively enough that Philadelphia couldn't creep up on them. Carmelo Anthony had some early trouble scoring, so he served as space-maker for Arron Afflalo. Kristaps Porzingis looked comfortable against every Sixer who guarded him, and a balanced, un-terrible performance from the bench protected the lead from Philadelphia.

Let's look at some things! Mostly Kristaps! Tonight's oh-my-god-he-can-do-that-too thing of the night was Porzingis's passing. He threw some loooovely dishes out of the post ...

... and even found Jose Calderon cutting backdoor at one point. I just realized I forgot to record this game and thus can't rewind to find the stuff I liked immediately, so here, just watch Kristaps torch Nerlens Noel and dunk over and over again:

... and finally finish one of those backdoor alley-oops with a flush:

... and here's a bonus garbage time block by Jerian Grant, who looked very, very sharp in the game-clinching third quarter:

The Knicks did what they were supposed to. I'm glad they did, because I was a bit nervous. Osborn has your recap later!