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Carmelo Anthony and Kyle O'Quinn are questionable for Wednesday's game at Cleveland

Ankles are the new knees.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks had to make do without the services of Kyle O'Quinn in Monday night's loss to the Orlando Magic. Now, it turns out they might have suffered a far more significant blow.

Melo turned his ankle in the third quarter when he inadvertently made contact with Robin Lopez. That whole damn game was stupid, and any possible long-term effects of this injury would make it extra-specially stupid. It sucks on a whole different level than the injury to O'Quinn, who was starting to show some real promise, but is not yet integral to the team. The Melo Man might not be hitting shots at his usual clip, but the whole damn team still revolves around him, and he's been playing some top-notch all-around ball of late.

Hopefully the Knicks err on the side of caution here. They couldn't beat the Cavs when Melo was healthy and Cleveland lacked the services of Kyrie Irving. I say start Lance Thomas and let him drop 50 on LeBron & Co. We all know he's capable.