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Game Thread: Knicks at Hawks- 12/26/15

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening! I hope your Christmases and whatnot were excellent. Tonight, the Knicks will do something they'll do again twice more in the next week and a half: play the Hawks! For whatever reason, New York's scheduled to face Atlanta tonight, then again in a back-to-back format to start 2016. We'll be seeing a lot of this opponent, so I hope the Knicks can figure them out at least a little. They didn't do so hot the first time.

Tonight, Carmelo Anthony will return from the absence his sprained ankle caused. Kyle O'Quinn will return as well. That's great! Hopefully the #fullsquad situation will get the starters functioning normally and the bench back to protecting the basket. The Hawks have been iffy this season, but they've won 5 straight, and we know full well what they can do if you don't run them off the arc.

Tip-off in Atlanta is at 7:30. This is your game thread. This is Peachtree Hoops. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in this thread. Please be kind to one another and do not engage with stupid comments. Go the Knicks!