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Knicks 108, Pistons 96: Scenes from the Robin Lopez Game/the Kyle O'Quinn Game/the Derrick Williams Game

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, that was fantastic. At times this season, the Knicks have really needed a win and gotten one ... but not in a way that made you feel that much better. This was not that. The Knicks built steadily, weathered some little runs, and dismantled a very good (if tired-looking) defense with a balanced, varied attack.

Robin Lopez stifled Andre Drummond on one end and hooked aplenty on the other, Kyle O'Quinn helped the second unit tread water with buckets and dimes, and Derrick Williams made half the Knicks' free throws and finished a ton of plays down the stretch. Carmelo Anthony pitched in whenever the Knicks needed him, but never really had to take over. The Knicks got up the floor quickly, made use of screens, and passed the ball usefully to get everyone involved.

Some things to look at!

Blocking! So much blocking! My phone just died so I can't make more Vines but there were good blocks! Even better than these!

It was one of Drummond's worst games all season. Lopez kept him mostly away from the rim, contested his shots beautifully, and got an important helping hand from his buddies when it came to lobs and putback attempts.

Kyle O'Quinn went like 5-5 in the first half and stayed solid in the second half. Lots of nice picking-and-rolling, some pretty backdoor feeds, and a couple of those gentle jumpers he loves so much:

And then Williams! He didn't try to do too much -- he just booked it up the floor and made hard cuts to catch Pistons off balance, draw fouls, and spike the hell out of this feed from Langston Galloway:

And here's your nightly Kristaps:

Porzingis had a relatively light night because Derek Fisher felt good about Thomas and Williams, and I'd say that worked out for all parties.

Stupendous win, Knicks. Great way to finish the year, and I'm glad we've got a couple days to chew on it. Recap to come!