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Cleanthony Early's one-day odyssey from Westchester to MSG, in verse

Tell us the tale, o muse!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Of the cunning hero,
The wanderer, blown off course time and again
After he plundered Westchester's sacred heights.

By now, all the others who had fought at Westchester Wednesday morning—
At least those who had survived the war with the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants —
Were safely back home. Only Cleanthony Early 
Still longed to return to his Garden and his Knicks.

Another battle loomed in Manhattan
A fine test for any young warrior
To prove his mettle
And join the ranks of the immortals.

Early was recalled later Wednesday and got in for the final 3 minutes against the 76ers, joining Troy Daniels, Jordan Farmar, Coby Karl and Luke Harangody as the only players to accomplish a D-League/NBA doubleheader.

Lo, did mighty Poseidon
God of the sea and the Bronx River Parkway
Rage at young Cleanthony's hubris
And did seek to lead the young warrior astray.

"Mighty Zeus, my brother,
Surely does this small forward mocks our laws
For hath not thou decreed no warrior shall leave Westchester
Before sacrificing a ram outside Westchester County Center?"

And verily did Poseidon seek to halt our hero's quest:

First did Early come upon the Sirens of Yonkers
Groupies wonderful to behold
With voices of the most intoxicating melody
On each head were weaves of purest gold.

Next, Poseidon called forth a horrible maelstrom
Of construction on NY-9A South.
Delays meant to drive the strongest will into madness
Surly workers, union and non-union alike.

As he neared his Garden, Early was again tested
A massive Bicylops named Lou Amundson stood in his path
His hustle and man-bun, beloved of the gods.
Lo, did Early vanquish him to the inactive list.

One final challenge: the wizard Derek Fisher
Whose minutes allocations confound the minds of mortal men
Only when the Knicks took an insurmountable lead over Philly
Would Early be assured of a return to the Garden floor.

At last! Mighty Kristaps Porzingis
Whose power dwarfs that of Zeus and Poseidon
Did unleash thunderbolts of jumpers and dunks
To free the noble Early from the capricious whims of the fates.

And so, with 2:56 remaining, Early was triumphant
One shot did he block; one field goal attempt did he miss.
Forever would his name be written among the constellations
With heroes of old, like Jordan Farmar and Luke Harangody.