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Derek Fisher, Carmelo Anthony discuss the Cleanthony Early shooting at Wednesday's practice

Cle's coach and teammates have his back.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks closed ranks somewhat during Wednesday practice in light of the shooting of Cleanthony Early. Head coach Derek Fisher announced that only he and Carmelo Anthony would be available for interviews.

The good news is that Fisher has already spoken with Cle, who was released from the hospital Wednesday morning, and the second-year forward appears to be resting well.

Fisher defended Early -- and Derrick Williams, who was robbed last week -- from accusations that they were somehow in the wrong for going to clubs. He also shot down any talk of imposing curfews.

Melo struck a somber, exasperated tone with his comments, framing this shooting within the larger context of America's gun violence epidemic.

All kinds of theories are floating around regarding the origins of the attack. One thing is certain: Early and his family are no strangers to hardship. This anecdote from his mom is absolutely heartbreaking.

In more positive news, teammates have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show support.

Prayers for my bro @cleanthonyearly11_ .

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Even former teammates -- and fellow Wichita State alums -- have voiced their support: