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It sounds like Cleanthony Early will be okay

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

One of the first things on my mind today was that Cleanthony Early might be in grave or life-altering danger, so -- after a day following the complex and chilling story of his attack -- this is a pretty wonderful update from Yahoo's Shams Charania:

After sustaining a gun-shot wound to his right knee early Wednesday in a targeted robbery, New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early underwent MRI and X-ray exams that revealed no structural damage or surgery required, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Early remains in New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where doctors and the New York Knicks' training staff have worked to keep the 24-year-old's knee from becoming infected, sources told Yahoo. Early is expected to have a cleanup of his knee and expects a full recovery, league sources said. The bullet exited Early's leg and is not lodged in it, sources said.

That's a couple months until he *plays basketball* again, if all goes well. Relative to our fears this morning that a 24-year-old's leg, and his very livelihood, might never be the same, the mere notion of a return in 6 to 12 weeks is a relief. Cle sounds like he's got his head up:

I hope the people who did this are caught. I hope people like them are disarmed and dispelled. I hope all the Knicks stay safe from these sorts of threats. I hope Early's recovery goes perfectly. Can't wait to have you back with the team, Cle.