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Knicks 108, Nets 91: Scenes from a satisfying demolition

The Nets sucked. The Knicks enjoyed that.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Very good, Knicks. The Nets, for whatever reason, offered even less resistance than the Sixers did the other night, so New York rolled right over 'em. They started by doubling 'em up -- 42-21 in a three-filled first quarter -- then just kept chugging along, even when bench players roamed the floor. I'll admit to being anxious out of habit, but even when the expected run took place, it was never in doubt.

Kristaps Porzingis might have set some career highs if hating-ass refs and scorekeepers didn't battle him, but he was terrific just the same:

The shot looked wet, the passes were on point, and the defense loomed over every Nets drive. It is not exaggerating to say I got a tiny bit choked up at one or two points. I have cherished every single moment of these 20 games with Kristaps. Nothing in my life watching the Knicks has ever been quite like that.

And Carmelo Anthony, along with the above contributions, had a nice bounce-back night shooting the ball, excelling occasionally off the dribble, but mostly catching and shooting in rhythm. There have been a few of these moments this season, and they're all my favorite:

Shouts to Jose Calderon's Knick-high 10 assists and effort on defense, Arron Afflalo's understated but deadly 18 points, Robin Lopez's rim protection, and the bench's general commitment to pushing the pace, even if they got a little cranky down the stretch.

Knicks have taken care of shit so far this week. Milwaukee tomorrow. 10-10 for now. Recap from stingy coming up.