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Bucks 106, Knicks 91: This game is horrible.

A downright foul smelling game.

u mad
u mad
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

For the majority of this wretched game the Knicks were poked and bent by a relentless Milwaukee team. Frenetic and elastic defense locked the doors on all the offensive sets. Pair that with fearless zips to the rim on drives and cuts that allowed the Bucks to outscore the Knicks 60-32 in the paint and you've got yourself a demoralizing loss. Whether it was a hot hand or a second chance, the Bucks perpetually found a way.

New York utilized the mushiest brain farts and sharts they could muster and laid a rotten egg. Milwaukee then took the egg and smashed it in our hair. Allzingers summed it up with some straight talk in the game thread, this game was just a horrible one. Here come the notes:

- The better team won. I need that qualifier out there because I am loath to chalk up a loss to the refs. As for those refs, however, the inconsistency from quarter to quarter and even between plays was very confusing. At first they were letting both teams play through a lot of contact. Then they changed their plan and started amorphously calling some uncertain types of contact very strictly. As the game evolved they started missing calls and tossing in make up calls. Then there even seemed to be some petty ego whistles. The Bucks won, not trying to doubt that. Just a frustrating night from Tony Brothers and crew.

- Lance Thomas was the best Knick, I guess. He had 17 points and basically nothing else. How is this guy's biggest contribution always scoring? So weird to me.

- Arron Afflalo continued to be one of the most effective players on offense for New York. He really thrives on offensive execution. When the team put it together, he was able to connect the dots. When they didn't, he was relatively absent. Gonna have to be able to bottle some of that juice for these wilder types of games.

- Carmelo Anthony was rattled by the whistle in his ear again! Carmelo also banged his bad knee and kept getting it worked on by trainers. He later said it was nothing. That must mean he's shutting it down after the All Star break. Terrible game for Melo.

- Another guy who had a bad game was everyone's favorite Latvian, Kristaps Porzingis. Stupid fouls, dumb turnovers and not much else. At one point he got put on skates by Johnny O'Bryant, fell on his ass and then grabbed O'Bryant by the shins to commit a foul. He looked like a flamingo. Later he blatantly shoved Jabari Parker some 75 feet from the basket. Harsh reminder that this is a 20 year old rookie that probably weighs less than his point guard.

- Speaking of that guy, Jose Calderon got so tight about a missed offensive goaltending call that he started to tremble. I could see the smoke coming out of his ears. Literally hopping mad. Whatever, ham farmer.

- Rebecca Haarlow got super rattled by Bango the Buck, Milwaukee's mascot during the pre game. Tina Cervasio would not have skipped a beat. Deb Kaufman would have tied in a dry joke somehow.

- Clyde Frazier said "sometimes he who hesitates is lost." I'd love more zen of Clyde moments.

- Kevin Seraphin had five assists, none better than making sure OJ Mayo and Michael Carter-Williams were properly shorn for this tilt. He probably didn't lend them his barber, but I was so happy to see them without their ugly mushroomy hairdos.

The next game is against the surprisingly good Dallas Mavericks. Hopefully the Knicks come to the game interested in playing.