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Knicks wins the REAL Super Bowl

Super Bowl champions

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks kept up their recent trend of pounding the dregs of the NBA, blitzing the Los Angeles Lakers right out of the gate and not letting up until they had clinched the 92-80 victory.

...and I mean really not letting up. When the Lakers briefly cut a 20-point deficit to 14 with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, and Derek Fisher did not hesitate to bring Melo back into the game to close things out.

To be fair, Melo looked more spry than he has pretty much all season: dropping 18 points in the third quarter (31 in the game), and throwing down one of the nastiest dunks of his New York career:

Forget that, though -- Melo's finest moment came in the fourth, when Carlos Boozer yelled his customary "AND-1" after a field goal attempt and Melo replied with a vigorous, "HELLLLLLL no!"

The Knicks have now five of their last seven games. What purpose does that serve? That, my friends, I leave up to you.

Mr. Miranda will have a thorough recap up in a jiffy.