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Final: Magic 89, Knicks 83

Happy All-Star break, everyone!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

If Wednesday night's game was truly the end of the Amar'e Stoudemire/Andrea Bargnani frontcourt, then the New York Knicks sent that dynamic duo out in the only way they know how, losing a butt-ugly game to the Orlando Magic, 89-83.

We even got to see some magnificent late-game iso-Bargs, culminating in a magnificent falling-ass-backward jumper that damn near wedged itself between the rim and the backboard. Fisher immediately removed him from the game, because nothing gold can stay.

Amar'e didn't exactly cover himself in glory either, missing all three of his field goal attempts.

Jason Smith carried the Knicks early with a shocking 21 first-half points, while Pablo Prigioni made sweet Pablo magic in the second, keeping the Knicks in the game with dimes, boards and sneaks aplenty. When Fisher took him out with four minutes remaining, and the Knicks down one Clyde was bamboozled: "Prigioni is the galvanizer!" Fuckin' A, Clyde. Fuckin' A.

And so the Knicks go into the All-Star break with a record of 10-43. The trade deadline is coming, so this team could look very different the next time they take the court. That's good; different is good. Embrace change, people.