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Carmelo Anthony "very likely" to shut it down after the All-Star Game

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, we heard Carmelo Anthony hint at the decision to get surgery on the tendon issue in his left knee. Today, we hear that procedure -- or at least the end of his season with the Knicks -- is likely to come sooner rather than later. From ESPN:

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony said Thursday on ESPN Radio that it's "very likely" he will shut down playing after the All-Star Game.

Anthony maintained that he plans to play in Sunday's game at Madison Square Garden, "even if it's just a few minutes" -- but could be done after that.

This, I think, makes sense. Melo can show his face on Sunday, wear his sneakers, putter around for a little while and jack up some threes, then get back to rehabbing and perhaps let me poke around his knee with my arthroscope. Oh, also, breaking news: I have been hired as Knicks team doctor. I am very excited for this opportunity.