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Woj: Knicks among preferred destinations for Goran Dragic

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Just when we Knicks fans are nestled snugly and warmly into our designated All-Star Break caves, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski -- that news-breaking cyborg -- has woken us with a juicy bit of gossip that tangentially involves New York:

New York, eh? Take it away, Mr. Oladipo!

Now, Mr. Dragic is quite good at the playing of the basketball, and depending on how things shake out in the draft I would be very much in favor of the Knicks signing him in free agency. I also believe, however, that this news actually decreases the odds of him winding up in New York. Consider the facts:

  1. The Knicks have almost nothing to give up.
  2. If Phil Jackson is half the basketball executive I hope him to be, he won't surrender real assets to acquire an impending free agent...not like he has any to begin with.
  3. Miami is on the that list as well, and Pat Riley is the devil. The Heat are going to get Dragic for Luol Deng and Norris Cole somehow.

There is a decent chance that Dragic is pulling a Grant Hill here -- using the Knicks as leverage in negotiations with other team. And even if he is sincere about the Knicks, he might be looking to bleed them for every penny: thanks.

And so the saga of Goran Dragic's free agency goes on...likely without the New York Knicks. If he waits until the summer; if he's willing to sign for less than the absolute maximum, then a deal would make sense. But the pieces are being set in motion before New York is ready to play. We'll just have to keep an eye on this story as it progresses.