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Stein: Carmelo Anthony's season is over (Updated)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We still await an official announcement and details on the extent of surgery, but here's the news we've been anticipating for months:

Cool. I look forward to performing a successful surgery on Melo's knee and setting him up for a full recovery and a big 2015-2016 season, because I am the Knicks' team doctor.

Meanwhile, this will officially begin WEIRD SEASON. The Knicks have one open roster spot now and possibly more to come. Bring in a few more youngsters and fringe-dwellers, let them spin along with the ones currently on the roster, and GO BANANANANANANANANANANAS. You'll lose a bunch, and maybe you'll end up discovering a player worth keeping long-term.


Remember that encouraging "eight-week recovery time" estimate floating around the Interwebs a few days ago? Well...

We could be looking at a recovery period stretching into August. Damn shame, too -- I was really looking forward to watching Melo strut his stuff in Summer League.

Also, this is depressing:

While I'm sure there are many examples of successful patellar tendon debridements, we must not forget that we're talking about the Knicks here. Melo will never walk again. EVER!